In 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN, committed itself in ending hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture (2nd SDG), an ambitious goal, since roughly 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger and the demand- by 2050 -will be to produce 70% more food. Unfortunately, the reality nowadays is that agriculture’s share of global GDP has shrunk to just 3%, intensifying the hunger and food scarcity problem, because very little innovation and advancements in technology have been taken in this sector to allow efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly farming and agriculture in the frames of Agriculture 4.0. All partner countries are facing issues relating to farming and agriculture, with farmers struggling with the challenges of food safety, climate change, scarcity of natural resources, and more. Even though, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of Europe, made an attempt to redesign and modernise the sector in 2013, to lead to far-reaching changes to strengthen the position of farmers within the food production chain, farming and agricultural operations still function in the “traditional” way without following the advancements of Agriculture 4.0. Having all these in mind, we believe that our project PRISM as a collaboration among 7 partner institutions (2 from Poland, Italy, Malta, N. Macedonia, Greece, and Cyprus), will contribute to the development of an Open Education Resource for VET trainers to meet the farmers long-term need for education, towards the innovation and modernization of farming and agriculture in the frames of Agriculture 4.0 to secure their livelihood in their sector over time. The purpose of the project is an international synergy between these 7 European organisations with the same need -TO HELP VET TRAINERS REDEFINE A SUSTAINABLE SECTOR BASED ON AGRICULTURE 4.0 THROUGH A VET OPEN EDUCATION RESOURCE.

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