Association ARID is a partner in a new project titled ‘SoEngage+” which is a follow-up of the nearly ended project SoEngage.

The overall objective of SoEngage Plus is to support farmers to learn about and engage in social farming and to promote their social farm supports for the economic benefit and sustainability of the farm and the rural community.

The aim is to inspire farmers to engage others in social farming by sharing podcasts and digital videos of best practice social farm case studies from other regions to generate ideas which can be adapted and transferred to their farm to generate economic and social benefits. This will add value to the local economy, at the national level with the view that this will impact at regional and European levels through widespread dissemination.

Social Farming, also known as Care Farming or Farming for Health is an innovative multifunctional activity which offers farmers the opportunity to use their agricultural expertise and resources to promote inclusion, community support, rehabilitation, social inclusion, education and social services for entrepreneurial and economic benefit. The farm remains a working farm where people who need support can benefit from participation in farm activities in a non-clinical environment.

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