WHY WHEY project will be addressed to specific case studies and issues on dairy-waste management and a case study aimed at creating added value training, such as agriculture and cooperation in third countries, very important for professionals, stakeholders and NGO cooperators.
The integration of technical and management skills made available by the partners of the consortium can also provide an added value for access at work of entrepreneurs toward the so called “green job-friendly to nature” and reconvert in such a way elderly employees and workers.
The inclusion in the partnership of all main actors for the dairy-waste management sector (companies, universities, public authorities, stakeholders) can provide to the project an overall view on training needs related to current and future work opportunities.
From this point, Why Whey project aims different target users: public and private employees responsible for waste management procedure (TR), involved parties (e.g. dairy cheese sector employees, public environmental protection employees, NGO professionals, farmers) for the rational and sustainable waste management (IT), higher education students and public officers in charge of water basin and civil protection (TR), farmers and local authorities responsible for sustainable rural development (HU, PL).