Project partners

TUM – Technical University of Munich

The TUM is highly ranked internationally and is recognized as one of the best universities in both Germany and Europe, and among the top 100 worldwide. The 13 faculties and the key research institutions of the TUM are spread across three main campuses in Bavaria: Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan, with several other sides including in Heilbronn in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The Chair is part of both, the School of Management and the School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan and is located in the oldest city in Bavaria with a rich architectural and cultural history. The School of Life Sciences is building a unique bridge between management and technology studies within an international teaching environment. The School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan developed out of a long history of agricultural and brewing science and finds itself in a core position to address many of the core challenges of the 21st century.

The Chair of Economics of Horticulture and Landscaping looks at questions of economics and management as choices in a world of multiple alternatives and scarce resources. Human ingenuity, research, and development, as well as innovation and adaption processes contribute to the development of new resources and alternative ways of action. Accordingly, we analyze questions of management tasks and economic choices within horticulture, landscaping, and the broader frame of agriculture and societal institutions. We care about developing actionable knowledge rooted in rigorous and authentic scientific research, and believe in collaboration across disciplinary boundaries. Our methodological spectrum ranges from qualitative through quantitative approaches.

CPIP – Comunitatea pentru Invatarea Permanenta – is a non-profit, non-governmental, private organization active in educational, social and agricultural fields.

CPIP provides information and advice for career guidance, training of trainers, development of educational and formative alternative programs, counselling and training, labour market integration and empowerment of people living in rural areas, minorities, immigrants, disadvantaged groups, and gender equality mainstreaming.

– Contracting research projects at local, regional, national, and international levels;
– Developing social, educational, and agricultural research;
– Ensuring proper environment for the educational and social development of all community members;
– Increasing community educational institution awareness and involvement and creating links with all social actors;
– Initiating, developing, and supporting educational campaigns;
– Organizing courses, training seminars, expert workshops, and other events with the active involvement of national and international institutions and experts;
– Promoting the culture and practice of lifelong learning;
– Supporting lifelong learning through national and international activities.

Training, counselling, facilitating the integration of disadvantaged people and of people from rural and remote areas on the labour market, counselling as a part of adult educator’s work; strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights and fighting discrimination; providing gender sensitive education; gender mainstreaming.

DEFOIN – Career Development and Integration was founded in 2009 with the idea of promoting the training for employment and insertion of employed and unemployed workers. At a time of the economic crisis. addressing the skill requirements of workers was a crucial task.
DEFOIN has extensive experience in the comprehensive management of training plans, as well as specific solutions tailored to the need of design, management and delivery of continuing and occupational training for businesses as well as employed and unemployed workers.
DEFOIN manages plans to offer training aimed at both employed and unemployed, as well as training demand by companies.We also have a network of over 180 collaborating centers scattered all over the country and accredited to conduct training leading to the award of certificates of professionalism in different professional areas.

ARID – Association for the Regional Initiatives Development is a private non-governmental organization based on the promotion and development of the idea of lifelong learning. The scope of ARID’s activities covers a variety of topics. ARID specializes in vocational training (VET) but also, in accordance with the idea of lifelong learning, conducts training for adults. In the dynamically changing modern world, it is necessary to constantly improve your qualifications, develop skills and expand your knowledge. The activities carried out by the ARID meet these needs by organizing many different trainings, lectures and courses. The employees and trainers working in ARID are highly qualified staff in terms of both education and professional skills. In addition, ARID cooperates with numerous professionals (e.g., beekeepers, teachers, farmers, agricultural advisers, social workers, prison employees, tutors of disabled people, etc.) as well as public and private institutions from various branches (e.g., universities, research institutes, prison inspectorate, agricultural advisory centers, schools for disabled children, etc.).
Since several years ARID actively participates in various international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on intense past experience. ARID cooperates with more than 50 international organizations from Europe and also from the U.S. and South America.
ARID has participated in several international multilateral projects. Those projects were implemented in the frame of life long learning programmes, like Grundtvig Multilateral Project and Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation. Since 2014 and ongoing, ARID is working in Erasmus+ Programme projects.

New Edu, n.o. is a non-profit organization from the Nitra region in Slovakia. Its employees cooperate with institutions involved in formal and non-formal education not only in Slovakia, but in many countries across Europe and with in the United States of America, China and Vietnam.

Experts of New Edu have applied experience from very active participation in entrepreneurship education and relevant networking. It offers vocational training solutions and services from the identification of training needs through the development model of education, technical design and content creation to the realization of the educational process or the training and evaluation of a learning process and its participants.

Moreover, through their activities (knowledge, network, advice, training, workshops) and close cooperation with the universities and vocational schools in the Nitra region they are actively helping students and other young entrepreneurs firmly establish their start-up businesses and to help them maximize their growth.

The learning activities provided by New Edu integrate authorized content, based on the latest knowledge, modern learning management systems and last but not least over 20 years teaching experience gained not only in Slovakia but also in other European Union countries, Asia and the United States. Its experienced team of professionals provide innovative learning solutions for entrepreneurship and business companies as well educational institutions. Their activities are based on innovative practices and tools of eLearning and blended learning, which support modern and creative learning process. Employees of New Edu have extensive experience with learning end education processes not only at Slovak education institutions on different levels of studies but also in other European and world countries.

COMU – Established in 1992, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is one of the leading universities in Turkey with its nearly 44.000 students and qualified academic and administrative staff. In the diversity of its students, its global outlook, and its outstanding research, the COMU is also a university of compelling change. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University’s remarkable global appeal continues to grow with 13 faculties, 4 institutes, 8 colleges, 12 vocational high schools, 26 research and application centers and a research hospital. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is an international university with the values of academic freedom, dynamism, transparency, flexibility and innovation. Our main objective is to increase our impact from a local to a global level. In order to achieve this, the COMU is increasing its academic and social activities by hosting national and international congresses, trying to meet international academic standards and developing high quality international strategic partnerships.
One of the major strengths of the COMU is the academic staff, committed to excellence in teaching and research in a dynamic and creative academic environment. In this respect, COMU is trying to provide academic freedom for its academicians’ strategic academic development. COMU offers a very wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Teaching is carried out through academic departments and interdisciplinary institutes, and in partnership with internationally renowned higher education institutions. Each year, following National University Entrance Examination students with higher scores are applying to COMU. With its beautiful view over the Dardanelles Strait, COMU has one of the most beautiful modern and safe campuses in Turkey. Throughout the academic year, students can enjoy art exhibitions, concerts, cinema and theatre and sports events as well as a variety of social and academic activities. The University also grants financial assistance to those in need.
With its academic and student oriented strategic view, the COMU aims to be one of the most competitive universities in Turkey.