New Edu, n.o., is a non-profit organization from the Nitra region in Slovakia. Its employees cooperate with institutions involved in formal and non-formal education not only in Slovakia, but in many countries across Europe and with in the United States of America, China and Vietnam.

Experts of New Edu have applied experience from very active participation in entrepreneurship education and relevant networking. It offers vocational training solutions and services from the identification of training needs through the development model of education, technical design and content creation to the realization of the educational process or the training and evaluation of a learning process and its participants.

Moreover, through their activities (knowledge, network, advice, training, workshops) and close cooperation with the universities and vocational schools in the Nitra region they are actively helping students and other young entrepreneurs firmly establish their start-up businesses and to help them maximize their growth.

The learning activities provided by New Edu integrate authorized content, based on the latest knowledge, modern learning management systems and last but not least over 20 years teaching experience gained not only in Slovakia but also in other European Union countries, Asia and the United States. Its experienced team of professionals provide innovative learning solutions for entrepreneurship and business companies as well educational institutions. Their activities are based on innovative practices and tools of eLearning and blended learning, which support modern and creative learning process. Employees of New Edu have extensive experience with learning end education processes not only at Slovak education institutions on different levels of studies but also in other European and world countries.