The main aims of Association ARID

The aim of the Association is promoting development of regions, including in particular:

  1. Shaping attitudes open to knowledge and innovation.
  2. The dissemination of modern information technology.
  3. Facilitating the flow of information about the latest developments in science and technology applicable to adults in continuing education.
  4. Sustaining awareness of their cultural heritage and learn from it for contemporary solutions.
  5. Supporting local initiatives in line with the objectives of the Association.
  6. Creating favorable conditions for overcoming the geographical boundaries, administrative and generational.
  7. Facilitate the establishment of partnership relations.
  8. Popularize environmental and ecological methods of farming.

The Association pursues its objectives by:

  1. programming, organizing and conducting various forms of education and training,
  2. publishing and distributing material of a training, information and current affairs,
  3. participation in research relevant to regional development,
  4. studies, reviews and advice for various professional groups, including leaders, teachers and counselors,
  5. promoting and supporting entrepreneurship,
  6. provide assistance in organizing and developing local action groups,
  7. participation in professional counselors, teachers and community leaders in the field of rural renewal and reconstruction of cultural heritage
  8. participation in preparing staff to use financial aid from the European Union and World Bank
  9. cooperation in the implementation of EU structural programs,
  10. cooperate with universities and research and development in the implementation of research results,
  11. training, initiating and organizing conferences, lectures, seminars, courses and workshops
  12. working with individuals and legal entities and organizations of local governments, governmental and nongovernmental, including foreign and international, whose actions are consistent with the statutory objectives of the association,
  13. promotion activities of the association in the media and to the interests of public life.