The BeeGen project is the first project in which the ARID Association is a leader.

The BeeGen project is a response to the identified needs of European beekeeping, which is the lack of sufficient resources for young people wanting to take over beekeeping farms after retiring beekeepers. The age structure of beekeepers has been showing an upward trend for years, i.e. the average age of European beekeepers varies between 60-70 years. There is a strong need to increase the succession rate. The BeeGen project responds to these needs.

The project started on 1/11/2019 and will last 24 months. In addition to the ARID Association, the project also includes experienced institutions from partner countries such as:

WUELS – Poland, CPIP – Romania, UPAT – Greece, Growth- Spain, New Edu – Slovakia.

The goals of the BeeGen project are:

Creating training materials for young beekeepers at 2-3 EQF level
Creating advanced training materials for professional beekeepers up to EQF level 4-5
Creating an e-learning platform containing courses in an interactive format
Development of two textbooks for young and advanced beekeepers
Development of a thematic game related to the subject of beekeeping joining the generation of young and older beekeepers.

Project target groups are:

Young beekeepers and people who want to become a beekeeper
Experienced professional beekeepers
Agricultural advisors
Agricultural school teachers.

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